Low Back Stretching Guide for Pain Relief and Management

Low Back Stretching Guide for Pain Relief and Management.


Low Back Stretching Guide for Pain Relief and Management

As a professional Sports Medicine Practitioner and Yoga teacher its is all too often I see patients with lower back pain. Here is a sample of some of the common yoga stretches/movements I use both for patients and in Yoga classes I teach. Note there are other things that will support a health back including learning how to use your deeper core muscles (Transverse Abdominals) in yoga this relates to the uddiyana bandha (located at or near the navel and means to bind. It is best to work with a trained professional who can teach techniques to strengthen the Transverse Abdominals or a Yoga Teacher who can teach you how to use the concept in your practice.

This guide is purely based on stretches that done daily will help you improve the strength, mobility and flexibility of the body supporting the low back and spine. Yes, there are many other poses/movements that will help and I encourage you to listen to your body and do what works and make it a regular practice.

Please feel free to share. Also, you are welcome to reach out and email me with any questions.

Warmly, Joe Sarti

Low Back Pain Guide

Guide to Shoulder Stretches for Health, Mobility and Better Posture

The following document includes some basic and effective stretches for the Shoulders. Included is variations for differing levels. As always there are additional things that could be added in to any health shoulder program. One is simply adding these into your daily regimen of stretching. Another is doing joint mobility drills such as rolling the shoulders, swimming motions, etc. that take the joint through active and various ranges of motions. Third, one can add in simple strengthening exercises from pressing, to side/lateral raises and more commonly rotator cuff exercises.

Hope this guide helps and if you have any questions please feel free to email. Also, please feel free to share this guide with anyone you feel can use these stretches.

Shoulder stretching guide

Yoga for Running (PDF link included)

Yoga for runners

When ever designing a Yoga based program one must take into consideration a couple things.

1. What type of running is this person doing and any additional training or factors that might influence the biomechanics.

2. How does this apply to their body specifically.

From a simplified and general approach I look 3 major joints and their associated muscles: Ankles (calves, peroneals, tibialis anterior/posterior) , Hips (gluteals, hip flexors and yes hamstrings, quads and adductors) and Knees (same as hips and ankles as this is a junction for the other joints). Note: I do take into consideration the shoulders, spine and neck which easily incorporates into the yoga poses for the Ankles, Hips and Knees.

List of Poses

1)  Downward Dog

2)  Kneeling Lunge (and added variation with quad stretch)

3) Triangle

4)  Instense Side Stretch (Parsvottanasana)

5)  Wide Leg Forward Fold

6) Heros pose or Malasana aka Garland as a substitute)

7) Pigeon

8) Bridge (supported is more gentle where as unsupported more of a strengthen/stretch)

9) Supta Baddha Konasana (lying bound angle)

10) Legs up the wall

How to Incorporate and utilize these Yoga Postures.

These can be mixed and matched but are best done as set forth here in this list. No less than 30 seconds per pose and for one sided, 30 seconds/side. Best done post run.

For a pre-run warm-up use dynamic running drills such as ankling, Marching and Skipping A & B, walking lunges, bodyweight squats, high knees.

This link contains pictures and modifications.