A Prescription for Health & Well-Being

A Prescription for Health and Wellness

This is My Readers Digest Version:
*Find something you enjoy doing.

*Get some professional help to understand how to safely and effectively perform what you enjoy.

*Be consistent. It does not matter how much time, effort, etc if you are not consistent.

*Be feasible and realistic. There is no magic pill or answer, make it a life long journey and success will come.

*Move your body, anyway you can.

*Quiet your mind.

*Care for your body.

*Remember you are creating health, so do things that allow you to accomplish your goal.

*sleep and make it a regular cycle!!

*Most important aspect

*Eat Organic

*Eliminate sugar from your life as much as possible.

*Eliminate Gluten & white flours (buckwheat and brown rice flour are great substitutes)

*Eliminate processed oils. (Use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil)

*Prepare 90% of your meals.

*Eat your vegetables and fruits.

*Stay out of the middle aisles in the grocery store.

*Get to a farmers market and buy locally produced foods.

*Learn how to read a label (less ingredients equals higher quality of food (in general).

*Eat fresh deep water fish; 100% grass fed beef; chicken that is free to roam and organic; eggs under the same conditions as chicken; wild game

*You do not need milk, instead use almond milk (which is easy to make 1 cup almonds soaked for 4 to 8 hours, 2 cups fresh water, a pinch of stevia (if you want for a bit of sweetness), and a dash of vanilla (same rules as stevia).

*Soak your oats, beans, lentils, etc, this will release the enzymes which are key for health.

*Eat for health and you will have plenty of energy, lose weight/body fat, and be physically, emotionally, mentally healthier

*Create time for pleasure foods but enjoy your foods and drinks sparingly and in small quantities (we all are human and enjoy a glass of wine, slice of pizza, etc. but just be aware and do not binge). You are going to do this anyways so I might as well share my 2 cents 🙂

*Fasting is a good, educate yourself on how to fast properly and allow your system to rest and detox (www.warriordiet.com is an excellent resource).

*You are what you eat, so choose lean, clean, strong foods with vibrant colors and who themselves have been raised, feed, breed, in a healthy and responsible manner.

*Do not skimp on food from a financial standpoint, you will just end up get less value for less value and have to eat more to get what you are intending too. You pay for what you get!

*sleep and make it a regular cycle!!

*Find time each day to meditate, pray, etc. Make sure it is in a quiet place.

*Learn Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, or some other method of calming practice.

*Listen, Listen, Listen to everyone, everything and do so with an open mind and heart (no judging allowed).

*Love yourself

*Respect yourself and others

*Act with kindness

*Think before you speak

*Ask yourself how you want to be treated when responding to others.


*Do not take it personal

*Everyone has their own story and lives their own life and often we are acting how we know best

*Right and Wrong is a grey area considering we only know what we know.

*Do not Judge yourself or others….you only know what you know and the same goes from them.

*Ask questions to learn.

*Respect your differences and others.

*Anger rarely gets you anywhere, choose your battles wisely.

*Be right or be peaceful, chose peaceful you will feel the difference.

*What the heck you right about anyway? So what if it 75 degrees outside and not 77 degrees.

*If you have to be right then have your facts, if it is a matter of opinion keep it to yourself because most people have their own…respect each others opinions.

The list of each of these can go on and on and the details and descriptions would help to offer greater insight. Life truly is much more simple than we make it out to be. All this stuff that is available seems to make things a bit more challenging to figure out. The funny thing is the answers are right in front of our face we just have to open ourselves to the beauty of the world. Instead of being cynical be peaceful and joyful, look at the world and people around you as good, beautiful, amazing, unique, exciting, full of possibility and potential, full of opportunity. Smile, laugh, share, listen, love, be kind!

See, to me you all our great people, who I am so fortunate to be able to communicate with and share ideas, no right, no wrong just an open form where we get to learn and grow together. I get to share my experiences and you yours and hopefully we evolve in the process. I am grateful for your eyes, your ears, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I want you to succeed and achieve your own personal legacy and I want to be there to share with you in whatever way your successes.

Have a blessed and beautiful day/life


A personal motto/creed!

Compassion: an understanding; a form of empathy; a way to relate and see the world through another’s eyes without judgment.

Patience: calm; ease; relaxed; compassionate; non-judgmental; a way to understand in the present the circumstances surrounding the situation/issue

Kindness: a way of being; an action; a form of consciousness/awareness; thoughtful; how to treat ones self and others

Simplicity: an appreciation for the little things; a feeling of fulfillment; content; an ease; the demand for little to nothing; a gratitude for all things being.

Consistency: living as you are in word, thought and action within all daily life’s moments; a form of dedication and awareness; a simplicity;

Respect: for self, others and all things being; awareness, compassion, kindness in all things