Fitness & Training Over 40 

As a post 40 year old athlete I have made some adjustments to my training. Partly due to interest levels in terms of learning and partly because I know that recovery is crucial to long term health. In addition my long term goals are quite different, the main goal being healthy and sound in mind and body and being a student of the mind and body.

Here are some keys I have found that help me perform at an acceptable level and recover.

*Clearly defined Goals

*A Plan of Action, More Planning, Less Play in Training

*Build in Recovery

*A thorough Warm-Up

*A thorough Cool-Down

*Listen to the mind and body

*Being aware of the subtleties of mind and body and the practices at hand.

*Stretching aka flexibility and mobility rule the day.

*Being strong is necessary and this means being able to handle my own body and requirements of daily life

*Take care of the heart and lungs aka Cardio Health

*Less is more

*Consistency over intensity



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