Warmup and cool down, the essential rules

Warmup and cool down, the essential rules

For warm up start with foam roll. First do a general roll paying attention to specific hot spots or trigger points. Next hit those points with a targeted roll. Be sure to stop and allow the roller to apply a gentle enough pressure that you can breathe comfortably say a 6 out of 10 on the old pain scale. After a few deep breaths re roll the area. Repeat for all major muscle groups or areas of discomfort.

After you roll move to a dynamic warmup. Traditionally speaking most people will do a movement or sport specific warm up and this is a great approach as you want to work the patterns and their associated movements.

An often overlooked component is the joint mobility aspect. Typically in my practice this comes before the actual dynamic warm up. It in itself is a form or dynamic warm up. Here I take each joint through a circular based motion and other variations. Doing this prior to the actual sport specific dynamic warm up will enhance its effects.

Note: this process provides insight to the days current state of the body. Be sure to pay attention, for me this is the most important aspect of my practice.

Cool down.
The focus of the cool down is more yin in its approach. This is a gentle and more static approach and often we call this stretching. For tighter areas you can use PNF patterning followed by a relaxed approach allowing the body to rest in the pose. This is a restoration or restorative process meant to help the body recover for it’s next bout or workout.

As always these are my general rules and provide a basis from which to move from. All my practices take into account the individual needs first and foremost and I use this as a template.


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