The Little Iron Ball

The little Iron Ball oh how I enjoy your role in my life. A cast iron piece of badassness, you never fail to remind me why you can be such a pain in the ass one moment and an extreme high the next. It seems whenever we are together you always amaze me in some way, shape or form and often I am the one creating the space for you to do so and often without full awareness of what lies ahead. It is these little moments we share that I humbly bow to you and offer thanks for 8 years of unconditional love and commitment.

I know we have many more years together as I am committed. And I know there is so much yet to be discovered. So few moves, yet so ruthless they are and truly you never stop giving even in your simplicity. The beautiful thing is in our time together I have been able to share you with thousands of people, many whom grace my presence weekly if not daily to share in your awesomeness and plain kick ass, feel good euphoria. A ball in chain, that I simple clean and rack while gladly carrying you everywhere I go. The great thing is if I leave you behind or miss time together you let me know why I should never do it again and you do so in such a loving and kind manner. You always leave me feeling stronger and better fit to live and attack each day with the vigor, fortitude and attitude necessary to be my best.
To you my little Iron Ball, I thank you for 8 beautiful years together. I am so happy you continue to influence the lives of many and it is only growing. I am glad to share you and the amazing lessons and feelings you provide with others because it is wonderful to have such an amazing community of people to share in the joys that come with you as part of our lives.
To Kettlebell, I thank you.
A special thank you to Rif for introducing and Coaching me, of course Pavel for sharing it with the U.S., and so many others it would take me hundreds of lines to list you all, many of whom are friends on Facebook and I learn from each of you, so thank you. 
This picture is from try first RKC in April 2005!



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