What is Health

What is Health

This is my response to a question I believe many of not a majority of us are asking or have considered at some point. And in today’s information age with an inordinate amount of information on health in various outlets and coming from many circles I thought it is imperative that I answer this for myself and my clients & patients.
Health is a lifestyle
Health is a commitment
Health is 80/20……I prefer  90/10
Health is movement
Health is an on going practice
Health is a state of being
Health is a state of mind
Health is sensible
Health is consistent
Health is sustainable 
Health is balance
Health is a conscious act
Health is taking responsibility 
Health is being accountable

Health is common sense

Health is not 50+ hour work weeks
Health is knowing when to stop
Health is to relax
Health is to share a toast with the ones you love and appreciate
Health is not extreme
Health is and practices love
Health is spending quality time alone
Health is spending quality time with your partner, kids, family, friends
Health is and should be or involve fun
Health is time away, time out
Health means sleeping 7-8 quality hours a night
Health means managing stress
Health means stretching 
Health means breathing deeply
Health has a smile
Health maintains good relationships
Health is not lifting 600 pounds
Health is not a sub 5 minute Fran
Health is not Paleo, Zone, Atkins, etc.
Health is not six pack abs
Health is not completing a marathon
Health is not a supplement
Health is not being able to do 100 swings
Health is not doing Bikram Yoga 6 days a week or yoga in general
Health is not a research article or book
Note: this is not to say these cannot and or do not play a role in some people’s health but it is to say that they are not required or the definitive signs of healthy.
Health is eating “well” and exercising. The specifics are for another discussion 
Health is from the inside and reflects on the outside. At the same time, if it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of happiness, stress relief, quiet time, makes a positive impact on your life, then in general (without specifics)  I support you. 
As of today, this is my list.

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