Yoga, Acupuncture and achieving a balance state of mind, body and spirit

Recently, I started to think about my yoga practice in terms of acupuncture meridians and how poses addresses meridians and vice versa. This approach has completely reframed my thoughts on the body.

As an acupuncturist I see lines running throughout the body and within these lines lie specific clues to a persons constitution and state of wellness. The body serves as a road map as does the face, the skin, the tongue, the pulse and so on. Putting this into a
Physical practice, in particular my own gives me a level of insight I have never fully understood and could conceptualize.

Of course, this is the purpose of Yin Yoga as evident in the name and therefore you can think of “vinyasa” or “power” yoga style practices being Yang. Note, all classes have a form of both Yin and Yang to them.

So, there is far more to this than even I know/realize today and my practice will continue to enhance my understanding and ability to articulate it. I will say that one of the crucial aspects is that the practice of yoga addresses all meridians and will increase Qi and Blood flow helping the body come in touch with its natural equilibrium. This is crucial and a great stepping stone to health and well being, in particular being in a balance state of mind, body and spirit.



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