Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By
Listening: probably one of the most important things a person can offer another. A space to share what’s on ones mind and have the other listen, and do so attentively
Compassion: We are all on our own path doing the best we can. There is no need for judgment instead compassion should lead the heart and mind
Inquiry: ” it’s is better to understand than be understood” Bill Russell. Ask questions and be interested, acknowledge the person(s).
Gentle: if in a position to offer an opinion, share advice, etc. be gentle, be kind. 
Honesty: probably one of the more difficult aspects of any relationship. Refer to gentle and compassion for the best way to share honest feedback.
Forgiveness: personally I do not believe it is One’s intent to act or do harm to another (always exceptions but in general I find this true). Therefore we must forgive one for their actions and understand we all are imperfect and ignorant in many aspects and again we are doing the best with what we have/know.
Sense of Humor: is this not a key? to be able to laugh at ourselves, with others! Laughter is one of the BEST medicines!
Awareness: knowing when and how to use these within the context of the situation and relationship. A learned skill.
And remember a SMILE  is worth a thousand words! Live with love! 

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