Philosophy of Practice & Lifestyle Tips

As I embark upon my final year of Traditional Chinese Medical school, I am beginning to build my practice. Here is a rough draft of what I came up with as a description and some key lifestyle tips I will use.

Philosophy of Practice

Quality time
Hands on
Counseling/coaching: key is lifestyle coaching!

This is not a business it is a practice rooted in treating the patients chief complaint and best interest. I teach and share a common sense, moderation based approach by helping tap into our own innate intelligence and intuition. You are the driver, I am the passenger here to help guide you on your path.

Here are some lifestyle Coaching tips:

Sleep more…7-8 would be great

Practice deep breathing daily. Three times a day, close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes each 10 seconds or more in length. Careful with High Blood Pressure

Drink no more than 2 cups of coffee or tea

Do not follow a diet book, but make food and eating a lifestyle based off of health and energy. Eat for what’s required in life and make it less about tasting good, stress relief, and more about a healthy lifestyle

Spend time reading: whether romance, mystery, magazine, or non fiction, just read.

Spend less time on computer/Internet and watching TV.

Move your body: walk, hike, stretch (yoga), tai chi or play a sport And a couple days of weights will make a Difference. 20 minutes a day

Drink no more than 1 glass a day of alcohol: red wine is best and can help manage stress

Eat your veggies: greens are best but colors, smells, tastes should vary and doing so seasonal has great wisdom.

Eliminate dairy: if you do it, go full fat and raw

Eat organic as often as possible.

Drink room temp water. Think, the temperature of your stomach and body is not cold

Eat spicy, sweet, in minimally amounts

Slow Down. Be present, and aware, open a door, say please, thank you, smile, tell someone you love them (partner, kid, brother, sister, etc.)

Find a daily practice that rewards you!

Create a manageable lifestyle



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