Mastery of One’s

The mastery of ones body is one of the great gifts of life. Today exists many schools of thought in which to learn such skills, abilities. From the arts of yoga, martial arts and gymnastics and the modern spin on these practices we are far from limited in options

The key is identifying what it is you like, being patient with it and consistently practicing the method you choose. One needs to give themselves time to learn the basics. Once this happens doors will open for further exploration within that method and maybe more curiosity into learning others methods. 
Through it all I have observed the importance of learning and practicing the basics of the methods I have studied. Also, I find myself coming back to the basics and digging deeper into the principles and concepts.
The reward is my body coming into its own within the mold of all the practices I have learned. I find a flow, a rhythm and intelligence in my movement and thus continued progression of the basics. The beauty is the artistry in which the picture is developing.
I encourage patient, commitment, consistency and practice. Be inquisitive but always respect the process, the teacher and the journey. Things come into time and especially to those who follow the stated approaches above. Enjoy the practice, witness the progress and evolve into a master of your own body. Be the artist.

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