Coaching Lessons

16 years of coaching has taught me many a lesson here is a list

The more I learn the more I realize how ignorant I am

Coaching is based on science but in itself is far more art, specifically how to apply science to the individual

Coaching is far from easy, it is a daily commitment to learning through teaching, practicing, studying, reading, discussing, etc.

Coaching is not a certification and certifications do not make great coaches.

As a coach you must master your craft but look outside the box and learn how others are doing similar concepts in other aspects of sport and other fields of business

Coaching is not a business, it is a people thing. Coaches need to understand psychology, philosophy, history, socio-environmental factors, etc.

As a coach you are always a student first. The skill of observation is crucial

As a coach one must be confident but not egotistical

As a coach, practice what you preach. It is a lifestyle, you must lead by example

As a coach I have learned that the advent of the Internet and quotes from articles, journals, etc has made everyone an expert. So again, do your homework.

As a coach, we are devalued these days with the advent of weekend certifications, books and Internet like YouTube.

As a coach we are irreplaceable and what we see, do, teach is not cookie cutter and near impossible to duplicate.

As a coach, I today more than ever appreciate my coaches and their lessons.

As a coach we are always teaching more than meets the eye.

As a coach, the ability to communicate our message effectively to different people is key.

As a coach the ability to adjust on the fly, to recognize when something is or is not working

As a coach reading your crowd, understanding them….Compassion!

As a coach being passionate and enthusiastic about the privelage it is to be in this position

This all was in the natural flow of my thoughts based on reflection. I am sure as time passes I will have more to add and be able to expand. This is all part of my learning through my practice, study, conversation and experience.



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