Achieving Peak Performance

Achieving Peak Performance

Well there is much material, research and information around this topic. It is my humble opinion that all performance begins from the inside or internal and moves to the outside or external. Planning training and practice around strengthening from the in to out will prepare any person to achieve peak performance. A key is to practice and do so with an intelligent and well-designed progressive plan.

So, in designing a plan it is important to look at all the aspects of a person’s life. In order to successfully implement an intelligent plan, one that will place the person in the best position to succeed it is crucial that one take a comprehensive look at all aspects of an individuals life, including time availability; home, work and social environments; nutritional lifestyle; physical regimen; mental status; and so on. This information and understanding ones strengths, challenges, weaknesses, etc. will enable effective planning and implementation of a program that meets the individual.

All training & all life is truly based on the individual since we all are unique with our own unique set of circumstances, perspectives, situations, believes, attitudes, and way of being. Therefore, it is essential to honor this by taking this into consideration. However, it is equally important for each person to understand what goes into planning and implementation of a lifestyle program. Meaning effective program design and implementation is based on core principles and concepts of applied human performance.

The question is what are those principles and concepts:
1. The basis of the system is science. We plan and train according to Physiological principles, and Biomechanical/Mathematical principles such as those used in Physics, Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus.

2. The application of the system is Art. Simply put all human bodies and the accompanying minds are uniquely designed and structured. Therefore, it is essential that all motion and stillness practices take into account the bio-individual differences.

3. The plan is adaptable and must fit the rhythm and flow of life within each and every moment. We are like water, pliable, adaptable, and multi-functional. For this we must keep in mind that even though the plan may call for one thing we have to use our organic intelligence and adapt to our current situation/circumstances. We do so with respect and in accordance to all the principles.

4. We train from the brain. This means that all training for peak performance originates from the brain and the Central Nervous System. From here it extends out to the other systems of the body including the neuro-endocrine and neuro-muscular systems. It is essential that the CNS is operating on a full tank of gas and therefore not on empty or more importantly, in a fatigued state.

This is why it is crucial we understand all factors of each individuals life. Because if a person has poor nutritional habits; external stress due to environmental factors; poor sleeping habits; etc. then it is imperative that the program design take into account these factors and help the person to improve these areas and prevent overworking/taxing the CNS. Simply put, training/practicing in a fatigued state will lead to poor performance in not only the training/practice stage but in all performance categories.

5. We are working in waves and cycles. The progression is constant and it is so because we work in waves and cycles allowing for acquisition, implementation, and restoration. We acquire information, put it to use through appropriate action and implementation and then we allow adaptation to take place followed by and with restoration.

6. We move with an awakened organic intelligence. Yes, we are encouraged to listen to the wisdom contained deep inside our being. We want to awaken this organic and natural intelligence so we can move with authenticity, integrity, character and the truth or what is, not what we think with our ego.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.


One thought on “Achieving Peak Performance

  1. So true. I’ve been really focussed on nutrition and sleep the last two weeks and its really making a difference. Need all aspects of my life to back up my training 🙂 Thanks Joe.

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