“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

As I pract

ice, explore, observe, move, train, and learn in my daily life I find myself looking inward through my outward actions and expressions. I continue to expand and progress in all areas of my life as I put intention, attention and compliment that with application. And as a student who explores for the purpose of being a better teacher and coach amongst many other reasons I find myself stepping each day into a new level of understanding and contemplation related to what I do.

I have been reflecting specifically on something Gandhi said, And as I stepped under the bar the other day I took time to meditate on this concept knowing that I have ‘strength’ and I have ‘physical capacity’ but it is truly my will that is going to take all that practice and preparation and help me to go beyond any perceived limitation that I may have or anyone else may have for that matter.

This brought me back to a particular day when I was going for a PR, the first of its kind and with only 3 weeks preparation. And I remember my coach and others saying that did not believe I could do what I said I could. Based on what I had done up to that point and with the limited training I had I understand why they would think this way. But what they did not know and what I and maybe a few others actually knew is what was/is inside, what my will is, what my real strength is. Because strength is not only a measurement of numbers which will give you tangible feedback but like Gandhi says strength is something truly deeper, beyond the minds eye.

So, as I stepped up that day back then and again the other day and I did what I knew I was capable of and successfully completed my PR attempt. For me it was not about the number but more about the internal make up of my being and how all the deeper mental, emotional, spiritual and physical training has made me feel capable of doing anything that I put my mind and intention into! This moment, these moments are affirmations behind my practice and approach and truly that of the masters whom I learn from.


There are probably many reasons I am at this point and have come to this point in my life to have this deep inside believe that anything is possible, that there no limitations, only the ones we and society place on ourselves…and here is what I say to society, thank you but I do not accept your limitations so please just know that you can keep your gifts and share them with yourself or better yet join me in believing anything is possible!

I give thanks to meditation and yoga practices for helping me to solidify these neural pathways that I am developing in my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical make-up along with the spirit of the breathe of life and certain people who have inspired me along my path. I have made a choice and so can you! I choose to live a life without limits, borders and boundaries, to go beyond the minds eye to set/establish new paradigms!


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