The practice of yoga, how I cherish thee. Yoga always brings me inward, allowing me to focus and concentrate on my breathe, my body and their connection to each other and movement. The grace, the flow, the ease and quality of each finding stillness, stillness in movement and movement within stillness.

Today’s practice focused on back bending. This is always the most challenging and typically most rewarding practice. This is where my body is most ‘tight’ and poses therefore most difficult. I encourage people to learn these movements for the sake of spinal and lumbar health and to counteract our typical seated posture we spend most of our time in. I will be putting together some pics and videos in the future to teach, share, demonstrate these moves

In today’s practice I did cobra, locust, bridge, bow and wheel all in a progressive sequencing. Certainly an energizing practice, definitely hit the tight spots and indeed I felt a great re
Ease through each pose and repetition. But i was able to find humor, humility and peace while stretching my body and doing rehab, prehab, flexibility, mobility, Myofascial release and all the intrinsic benefits. Finished with my favorites, shoulder stand, plow, happy baby, a twist, supta Baddha and #1 savasana.


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