A New Day, A New Year

Today marks the beginning of 2012, another calender year. The change in years is often a time for new resolutions and therefore reflection. Reflection is an important aspect of my life one I enjoy reflection and do so on a regular basis. For me, reflection is an opportunity to delve deeper into my existence and path to ensure that I am walking the path I set out upon.

All this being said, the change in year is just another day in life. It is what it is and I love living life in this way, with this approach. I strive not to make things bigger than they truly are, I feel I do not need this as a form of motivation, etc. By no means does this suggest that any other way is wrong, it is just a personal approach that works well for myself. In fact, as a life coach I encourage people to discover their path of life!

So this new year and like past ones I have no resolution. I intend to keep doing the things that provide me the opportunity to best serve my truth, my family, my friends, my community.

So on this day, I will read, practice yoga and spend quality time with my amazing fiance Sara, our 2 wonderful dogs Jaz and Misha (and the great dog we are dog-sitting, Hiccup).


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